Why This Is The Best Cryptocurrency For Privacy

Privacy Coins and cryptocurrency that can actually be used for Privacy is very important. Bitcoin is an example of a non Privacy coin. Monero and Cash say they are Privacy coins, but are they really? Can you actually use crypto for Privacy or does the blockchain track everything you do? These or questions Cody Hawk answers on Privacy X Project. Do you need to use the deep web and Tor to buy Bitcoin or does that even matter? The Privacy coin boom has started and people are waking up to how important Privacy is in all aspects of life. You can use Cryptocurrency for many things but Privacy seems to be last on this list for many of them. The sharing economy has put Privacy on the outs for some. Technology has changed a lot and not we have lots of Privacy tools we can use to help keep our Privacy while using Cryptocurrency. The Privacy X Project explores Cryptocurrency and how you can actually be private while using crypto. 

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