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Our Services

Asset Protection , Trusts, LLCs, Corporations

  • Hide Assets In Trust Or Holding Companies. Create Asset Aliases.
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Holding Company Investments
  • Anonymous Asset Purchase And Ownership 
  • Titling of Homes And Land
  • Property Tax 
  • Companies
  • Investment Assets
  • Probate Avoidance
  • Private Asset Distribution After Death
  • Utilities
  • Land
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Vehicle Titles
  • Vehicle Registration And Plates
  • Mail
  • Beneficiary of Trust

Ghost Address

  • Physical Address 
  • Billing Address
  • Out Of State Address
  • Confirm Change of Address with USPS
  • Publicly Associate Address with Name Databases
  • Mail Collection at Ghost Address
  • Remote Business Address
  • Mail Scanning Service
  • Nomad Address
  • Physical Mail Forwarding to Secure Address

Online Privacy Data Removal

  • Phone Number Searches
  • People Search Websites
  • Voter Registration Records
  • Social Media Sites
  • Website Information 
  • Individual Doxing
  • Data Breaches 
  • Business Filing
  • Office Address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Holding Company 
  • Anonymous Business Assets
  • Website Content
  • Website Information
  •  Negative Reviews
  • Online Threats
  • Stalkers
  • Personal Attacks
  • Fake Dating Websites
  • Social Network Posts
  • Online Bullying
  • Revenge Videos And Pictures
  • Fake Pictures Or Videos
  • Cheating Partner Sites
  • Personal Photos

Disinformation And Aliases

  • Personal Contact Details In Another State
  • Social Media Disinformation
  • False Data Package
  • False Verifiable Linked In (JOB)
  • Fake Phone Number Listed (Verifiable And Looks Real)
  • Personal Blog/Site
  • Domain And Data
  • Post Cleanup
  • Website Cleanup
  • Employment Reference Cleanup
  • Revenge Content Cleanup
  • Negative Content Buried 
  • Content Cleanup
  • Negative Social Media Cleanup 

New Identities

  • Full New ADVANCED Aliases Identity Package (Contact Us For Advanced Details) This Package Includes Everything
  • Ghost Address
  • Foreign Domicile License And Address
  • Utility And Bill Verification
  • Official Credit Report Ghost Address
  • Verified Address Documents
  • Become A Citizen Of Second Country (Example) St. Kitts, Panama, Belgium
  • Second Residency (Example) Cayman Island, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Bahamas

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Privacy X Project Believes Privacy Is A Right. We Help Clients World Wide From Individuals To Businesses. We Work With Our Clients To Re Gain Privacy And Anonymity, Create Ghost Lives And Overcome Privacy And Security Obstacles. We Work With Clients To Become Anonymous And Secure In A Digital World. We Will Not Work On ANY Illegal Activities Or Do ANYTHING Illegal. We Will NOT Help Criminals For ANY Amount Of Money. If You Are Looking To Break The Law We Are Not Willing To Help.

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