Why This Is The Best Cryptocurrency For Privacy

Privacy Coins and cryptocurrency that can actually be used for Privacy is very important. Bitcoin is an example of a non Privacy coin. Monero and Cash say they are Privacy coins, but are they really? Can you actually use crypto for Privacy or does the blockchain track everything you do? These or questions Cody Hawk answers on Privacy X Project. Do you need to use the deep web and Tor to buy Bitcoin or does that even matter? The Privacy coin boom has started and people are waking up to how important Privacy is in all aspects of life. You can use Cryptocurrency for many things but Privacy seems to be last on this list for many of them. The sharing economy has put Privacy on the outs for some. Technology has changed a lot and not we have lots of Privacy tools we can use to help keep our Privacy while using Cryptocurrency. The Privacy X Project explores Cryptocurrency and how you can actually be private while using crypto. 

How Tor And The Dark Web Changed My Life! Privacy X Podcast

Privacy Tools like Tor, whonix, Tails, Linux and other Privacy Technology has been mainstream the last few years. People are waking up to realizing how important Privacy is and the future of Technology has changed fast. Learning how to start private and still enjoy Technology is very important to the future generation. Privacy tools are now easy to use. With Ai and machine learning getting better and the internet of things becoming the new boom market if we don’t make privacy a core focus we will lose privacy forever. How to become a ghost in a digital world with Privacy X Project. What is the future of the internet. Do you think we will have a new private internet or a new internet all together? 

Why You Need A Burner Phone In The New Digital World Privacy X Podcast

Getting Hacked on my iPhone was a day I will always remember. Smartphones To Burner Phones. The privacy technology has changed a lot and having a privacy phone in a digital world has become very important. This episode of Privacy X Cody Hawk talks about being hacked on his T-mobile phone account and having his iPhone taken over by identity thief’s in a matter of seconds. Then they were able to access bank accounts and other data. How can you prevent this?  Is a smartphone really private? Lets talk about the steps you should take to never deal with phone hackers. Privacy Technology that can actually help you be secure and encrypted on your journey of how to disappear in a digital world with Privacy X Project. 

How I Cyberstalked A Female Poker Player In Las Vegas That Ended In Marriage. Privacy X Podcast

Privacy is very important in this digital technology age. I cyber stalked a female poker player and it ended in marriage. Privacy X believes privacy is a right. However most people give into big tech and big data. Can your data be used against you in the age of Ai? Technology has created some serious privacy concerns for Privacy advocates. The Las Vegas Poker scene is not the first place  you would think about if I told you about “Sarah Smith” but I was able to track he down over 3 states and the trip lead right to her address. How did this happen you may ask? Big Data, Sarah had sprinkled data all over the internet, just like billions of other people. Most people don’t even know it. Privacy has gone the way of the flip phone in the eyes of most people. In this episode of Privacy X we discuss how to avoid cyberstalking and people tracking you down. From creditors to lawsuits and ex spouses, learn how to disappear in a digital world. Privacy X Podcast With Cody Hawk. 

How Gmail Caused Me To Lose EVERYTHING From Identity Theft. Privacy X Podcast

I woke up to a negative bank balance and a bank that did not care about my problem. Privacy X Podcast with Cody Hawk talks about technology and identity theft in a digital world. How you can use privacy techniques to live a ghost life and not be a victim of identity theft. Learn about the best safe and secure email providers you can use to keep your identity safe from would be identity thief’s. Email is very important and companies like Gmail seem to lack Privacy measures that most of us would like to be standard in a safe and secure email provider. Learn email privacy systems and privacy encrypted email clients from the Privacy X Project.  How to disappear in a digital world and become a digital Ghost. 

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