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How Tor And the Dark Web Changed My Life! Privacy X Podcast

Privacy Tools like Tor, whonix, Tails, Linux and other Privacy Technology has been mainstream the last few years. People are waking up to realizing how important Privacy is and the future of Technology has changed fast. Learning how to start private and still enjoy Technology is very important to…

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Why You Need A Burner Phone In The New Digital World Privacy X Podcast

Getting Hacked on my iPhone was a day I will always remember. Smartphones To Burner Phones. The privacy technology has changed a lot and having a privacy phone in a digital world has become very important. This episode of Privacy X Cody Hawk talks about being hacked on his…

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How I Cyberstalked A Female Poker Player In Las Vegas That Ended In Marriage. Privacy X Podcast

Privacy is very important in this digital technology age. I cyber stalked a female poker player and it ended in marriage. Privacy X believes privacy is a right. However most people give into big tech and big data. Can your data be used against you in the age of…

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How Gmail Caused Me To Lose EVERYTHING From Identity Theft. Privacy X Podcast

I woke up to a negative bank balance and a bank that did not care about my problem. Privacy X Podcast with Cody Hawk talks about technology and identity theft in a digital world. How you can use privacy techniques to live a ghost life and not be a…

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